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Window Valet module

Window Valet™ for C5
For 1997-2004 Corvettes
(We pay sales tax for CA residents)

Legal Disclaimer

WV100 Product Documentation is available here online as a pdf file. It is provided to help you better understand our product so that you may make an informed purchasing decision.

Read the brochure right here online, or download the pdf file. You'll find out why every C5 owner should have a Window Valet™ for C5.

Here's a quick reference that shows the configuration menu on a single page.

Download the installation video (1.9M or 866K) and see just how easy the Window Valet ™ for C5 is to install.

Once installed, the Window Valet ™ for C5 is configured by using the Driver's Information Center. This demonstration video (6.1M or 2.6M) shows the configuration process and a test run of the remote control windows feature.

If you need a pdf document reader, please get Acrobat Reader.

Download Acrobat Reader
Home About Products
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