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Window Valet™ for C5
  • 1) Where I can get a copy of the documentation?
    You can download the .pdf file here from our website.
  • 2) I lost the original documentation, where can I find my PIN code?
    The original documentation was labeled with the serial/PIN code. The code is also labeled on the side of the Window Valet™. If your label is missing or illegible, please contact us. We can extract the code from the unit if it is sent to our service center.
  • 3) What happens if I unplug my Window Valet™?
    Once the Window Valet™ is configured with your favorite features, it will remember that configuration even when unplugged. It has a memory similar to a digital camera, so it will not forget. Of course, your car will no longer have access to the Window Valet™ features until it is re-installed into the diagnostics port.
  • 4) Will the Window Valet™ interfere with my custom tune or PCM programmer?
    Not at all. The Window Valet™ does not reprogram any of the car's computers. If you or your mechanic needs to access the diagnostics port, simply unplug the Window Valet™. You may re-install the Window Valet™ after the tune/test is complete and the Window Valet™ will resume its normal operations.
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