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December 18, 2021:
  • Today is the 20th Anniversary of the launch of the original Window Valet™!
July 8, 2019:
  • We do not have a solution for 2018 or newer Corvettes. All available products are listed on this website.
February 25, 2018:
  • We're working on an update to support 2018+ Corvettes. Stay tuned and thank you for your patience.
May 31, 2016:
  • We have a C7/Camaro Update. If your WV-200 has a serial number beginning with 5836 or lower and you are experiencing problems, please return it for an update. See our Contacts page for the address. Older units will not work in the newest cars or cars that were recently re-flashed by the dealership. With the fix, the WV-200 will work in any C7 or 5th generation Camaro. Thank you for your business and we're sorry for the troubles.
May 21, 2015:
  • We soft-launched the long-awaited Window Valet™ for the C7 by sending out messages to those that asked to be notified. Official launch to follow.
May 8, 2015:
  • Zen Cart has been retired and we're moving to PayPal processing.
January 2, 2015:
  • Another Type-F re-org, Top Down Technologies, Inc. just relocated to Gilroy, CA and re-incorporated as a California Corporation.
May 12, 2010:
  • Top Down Technologies, Inc. just relocated to Raleigh, NC.
January 1, 2009:
  • Top Down Technologies, Inc., a North Carolina Corporation was formed just after midnight Eastern Standard Time. The two corporations (see bullet below) co-existed for about three hours because of the differences in time zones. During this time, a Type-F re-org was executed, resulting only in a change of the state of incoporation for the business.
December 31, 2008:
  • Top Down Technologies, Inc., a California Corporation was dissolved just before midnight Pacific Standard Time.
June 20, 2008:
  • Top Down Tech has moved from sunny California to luscious North Carolina.
April 6, 2008:
  • There'a brand new remote power window module for many GM trucks and SUV's, specifically 2003-2006 C&K platforms!

June 2, 2006:

  • Previously available only by special request, we are now making the OBDII pigtail kit for the GM class 2 data bus available to the general public. This kit even includes wire taps and zip ties, and the pigtail wires are three feet long for flexible installation options. See the "Products" page.

December 15, 2005:

  • The Window Valet™ for C6 launched today! See the "Products" page.

December 9, 2005:

  • You can now add Top Down Tech products to your wishlist. The storefront launched today.

November 18, 2005:

  • The Accessory Valet™ has launched! Thank you all for your patience.

November 11, 2005:

  • The Window Valet™ for C6 officially enters stage two beta. We expect to officially launch before Christmas 2005, stay tuned.

August 3, 2005:

  • We have a new shopping cart. Our original provider raised their annual rates by 35% so we responded by fully integrating key elements of the open source solution, Zen Cart. If you run into any problems, please call us toll-free! 866-838-4669.
July 28, 2005:
  • The Fuel Door Valet for the C5 is now available! See the "Products" page.

May 29, 2005:

  • The Window Valet™ for C6 officially enters the "beta" stage. Stay tuned for more details.

September 21, 2004:

  • The Window Valet™ technology is now protected by US Patent Number 6,795,760.

July 28, 2004:

  • Top Down Technologies, Inc. launches its new website. Stay tuned for details! The original website is archived here.

December 18, 2001:

  • The Window Valet™ launched after 20 months of development.
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