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Nassau Blue Corvette Convertible

The principal founder of Top Down Technologies, Inc. purchased the 2000 Nassau Blue Convertible pictured above in the fall of 1999. It did not take long for him to realize that this was no ordinary car... And Corvette drivers? Extraordinary!

Top Down Technologies was incorporated on April 11, 2000 to bring extraordinary people extraordinary products. The first product, the Window Valet™, was a year-and-a-half in the making and very well received. The product launched on December 18, 2001 with a short e-mail message to the beta testers releasing them from their vows of silence. A mere 45 minutes later, the first order rolled in from Little Rock, Arkansas. As word spread quickly, fifteen Window Valet™'s were sold on the very first day!

Top Down Tech is here to develop and manufacture leading-edge electronics modules for automotive enthusiasts. Expect more.

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